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Skåne’s last peak

Fifteen years ago four Scanian clubs played in Allsvenskan and nine years ago – as recently as 2010 – Malmö FF and Helsingborgs IF fought a duel for the gold in Sweden. Trelleborg finished fifth in the Allsvenskan while Landskrona BOIS took the same position in Superettan where Ängelholms FF was 12th. The following year, Helsingborg won the Allsvenskan title while Angelholm played the playoffs to advance into the Swedish top league.

Skåne was to be reckoned with. Not least interesting games in the most important games. Today is special Superettan football odds Hardly at all from Scania. Only Trelleborgs FF remained. Helsingborg has financial problems and struggles to survive in Allsvenskan. Landskrona is in Division 1 while Ängelholm fights in Division 2, where you meet other classic Scandinavian greats like IFK Malmö, who was once Malmö’s first team and featured in matches in Europe, but also has many seasons in Allsvenskan and pre-series. to Superetta.

Malmö FF maintains style and fights Trelleborg

Today, only MFF maintains a good old fashioned Allsvenskan, but for those of us who love to follow Superettan, there is only Trelleborgs FF and it’s going a bit like that, where you should be happy with a mid-range while the risk of a backslash in the playoff fight is imminent.

Once upon a time, Vångavallen was a place that caused great concern to many of the big teams. It was tough to play and in late 2018, the TFF was in Allsvenskan, having fallen and switched to Division 1 in late 2015. A streak victory was secured against Helsingborgslaget Eskilsminne IF and then followed two seasons in Superettan which culminated in the playoffs against Jönköping Södra, which gave Allsvenskan place in 2018. However, the club was for a long time an excellent team with experience and had several stays in Allsvenskan behind it, with the first coming in 1985 and the best period ever in the club’s history was in the 1990s when they succeeded in this feat. European Union.

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In the 1994/1995 season, Trelleborg broke beyond Faroese Göta in two not-so-impressive efforts and few thought the adventure would go much further when the English Blackburn Rovers stood as a contender in the next round. Then with a star-studded squad that was crowded with national team players and world top players, like England’s shooting king Alan Shearer. Rovers won the entire Premier League in the same season, but going to Wangvalen turned out to be much more difficult than at Old Trafford. Trelleborg, on the other hand, enjoyed full cups at Ewood Park, when he won the first game 1-0 after a Fredrik Sandel goal. The victory made headlines across Europe and after 2-2 at home, the progress was a reality. Skrälleborg was now understandable and they also put pressure on Italy’s Lazio in the next round, with only one goal in extra time deciding the double meeting in favor of AS Roma.

New build and survival

Today it’s about rebuilding after getting out of Allsvenskan and above all not falling through Superettan into darkness in Section 1. There is much to suggest that the Long-Term League will handle the task, but nothing is written in stone. The battle will be fierce this season. But it would certainly be strange to have a superetta without a Scanian baton.

Yes, if not Helsingborg It is located outside the Svenscans again. Here, too, it will be a battle all the way to the finish line. From below, Torns IF – from small Stångby north of Lund – probably does best with the classic Landskrona BOIS, but progression from Division 1 to Superettan is the eye of the real needle and both clubs in the middle are a layer hoping for stability in the top half. Clubs such as Ljungskile SK, Skövde AIK and FC Trollhättan as well as Gothenburg junior club Utsiktens BK are likely to be stronger than Skåneklubbarna, at least in the current situation.

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Skåne may not be what it was in Superettan, but Trelleborgs FF will survive and possibly join Helsingborg next season, so of course there are possibilities for Skånederbyn, even if Helsingborgs fans can hardly look forward to such a scenario.