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slag. SEC Challenge. Dodec is Pardubice’s favorite. Jamrog’s chance of life [ZAPOWIEDŹ]

On Saturday, the SEC Challenge will take place in Pardubice – the only qualified tournament for this year’s European Singles Championship. Two Poles: Patrick Dudek and Jacob Jammroug compete for five places awarded with promotion to main series.

Tomash Janisevsky

Patrick Dudek

WP SportoweFakty / Julia Podlijowska / Pictured: Patrick Dudek

The first of them should be honestly called the main favorite of the competition. Patrick Dudek’s actions in 2021 are very loud, which has been proven in every PGE Ekstraliga match. The 28-year-old is captain from Zielona Góra with a high running average – 2.324. In each subsequent match, he scored a double number of points. The path in Pardubits should not have any secrets from it. In 2019, he takes third place in the prestigious Golden Prilba Award.

Vice World Singles Champion 2017 After last season, he was knocked out of the Grand Prix, where he competed in four copies. One way that Dudek might get back into the world cycle is by competing in the SEC. Since last year, the winner of the European Singles Championship has been awarded a promotion to the main series of IMŚ.

Firstly, the Zielona Góra citizen has to be in the top five in the challenge, because many of the contenders will be joining some of the SEC Finals on Saturday: Robert Lambert (Defender of the Title), Leon Madsen, Mikel Michelsen, Bartosch Smekta. And Nikki Pedersen. The next five will be filled with permanent allowance cards, so in the event of a failure at the end of the qualifiers, this could be the last hope for scoring in the European tournament.

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Challenge tournaments always bring surprises, so who knows if Jakub Jamróg is one of them. For the other pole, it is the opportunity of a lifetime to visit the international arena. The 29-year-old knows the Czech oval very well, because he had the opportunity to start it in the Czech league and in Zlata Prilpa (he was in the “Junior Final” a year ago). This year’s Tarnów player performed at eWinner 1. Also promising so far (average run – 2.077)

However, the rate of participants will be demanding. Among the participants there are those who have achieved a successful season. This group includes, among others, Vadim Tarasinka, Sergey Shugachev, Alexander Octagio and Daniel Bioli. In 2019, Andrzej Lebedev is second in Zlatá Prilba, and Pardubice Racecourse will be no big secret to Nicholas Kovati, who regularly competes in this legendary competition. Patrick Hansen, who in April unexpectedly won the Danish GP and SEC qualifications, cannot be omitted. So there is no shortage of competition.

Originally, the competition was to be held at Crisco. However, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the Slovenian organizers to resign. Earlier, the qualifying rounds were canceled, so Pardubice tournament start roster is formed according to the geo-key. Knights from 12 countries will perform in the Czech Republic. There are two federations each: German, Polish, Russian and Swedish.

SEC Challenge Starter List:

Timo Lahti (Finland)
2. Nicola Kovati (Italy)
3. Vadim Tarasenko (Russia)
4. Andrei Lepidio (Latvia)
5. Alexander Oktago (Ukraine)
6. Patrick Hansen (Dania)
7. Sergey Logachev (Russia)
8. Jakob Jammroug (Poland)
9. Kai Hockenbeek (Germany)
10. David Bellego (France)
11. Eric Rees (Germany)
12. Jacob Thorsel (Sweden)
13. Joseph Frank (Czech Republic)
14. Daniel Bewley (Great Britain)
15th. Pontus Aspgren (Sweden)
16. Patrick Dudek (Poland)

Edward Karkmar (Czech Republic)
R2. Hynek Hospital (Czech Republic)

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The start of the competition: At 4:00 PM.

SEC 2021 Calendar:
First Final – Bydgoszcz (12 June)
Final Two – Guestrow (28 June)
Third Final – Gdansk (3 July)
Fourth Final – Rybnik (10 July)

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