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Small corn is approaching.  KGHM, Orlen and Synthos with applications for the National Atomic Energy Agency - Biznes Wprost

Small corn is approaching. KGHM, Orlen and Synthos with applications for the National Atomic Energy Agency – Biznes Wprost

The National Atomic Energy Agency will issue an opinion on technologies for small modular reactors, which are of interest not only to KGHM Polska Miedź. It turned out that on July 8, the enterprise received an order not only from the copper giant, but also from another Polish company. It is a joint venture between Orlen and Synthos, the Orlen Synthos Green Energy special purpose vehicle.

KGHM wants its own reactor

On Friday, July 8, we learned from an official press conference that KGHM Polska Miedź, the leader in the extraction of not only copper, but also silver, a company whose activities have long gone beyond Poland, submitted a request to the National Atomic Energy Agency for an opinion on reactor technology SMIt is an essential component of the company’s energy strategy.

– This is a historic day not only for the KGHM, but also for Poland. We are taking another important step towards the atom. Today – for the first time in the country – we have applied to the National Atomic Energy Agency to evaluate the SMR technology we want to implement. Thus we forget to put the condition when talking about nuclear power from small nuclear reactors in our country – President Marcin Klodzinski said on July 8.

Not only KGHM, but also Orlen and Synthos

The head of KGHM noted that the company is the first in Poland, but for a very short time it was the only one. According to Rzeczpospolita, PAA also received on the same day an order from Orlen Synthos Green Energy, a joint venture of Polish companies from the chemical and petrochemical industries. It is the agency’s opinion of the GE Hitachi BWRX-300 reactor technology. The experts of the enterprise are required to check whether the technical documentation presented complies with the Polish requirements for nuclear safety and radiation protection.

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The President of the PAA will issue a public opinion on the matter within six months. In complicated cases, this period can be extended for another three months. – Report to the PAA Rzeczpospolita.

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