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This is what Mexicans ask Alexa the most.

This is what Mexicans ask Alexa the most.

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Mexico. – Amazon Mexico revealed the topics most consulted by Alexa voice assistant users in our country, during the first half of 2022.

Alexa is a good item for smart homes, and Mexicans also use it for alerts, music, jokes, timers, and reminders but also to check news, sporting events, and curiosities.

Regarding the field of knowledge and curiosity, these were the most frequently asked questions:

Alexa, what happened on a day like this in history, when did the time change, tell me an intriguing fact and how many countries are there in the world?

Although they also asked how many people are in the world and how many days are left until Christmas.

When it comes to mathematics, users also rely on the virtual assistant to perform operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and search for multiplication tables.

Football and American football are the two favorite sports of Mexican fans.

Mexican users are also interested in asking about the dollar and bitcoin exchange rate, as well as the time in different countries and within the country.

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