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Smart driver extorted damages.  Now he's facing prison

Smart driver extorted damages. Now he’s facing prison

43 collisions in four years. Huge bad luck? Case? Mostly not.

A 24-year-old from Radom has had 43 crash deaths in four years, which equates to one crash a month. impact? 170,000 zlotys of compensation were transferred to his account. The police became interested in the extraordinary bad luck of the young driver. Investigators from the Economic Crime Control Department at Municipal and Prefectural headquarters in Kielce have collected materials that could lead to the suspect being sentenced to eight years in prison. There are many indications that the smart driver has made a good source of income by extorting compensation.

In retrospect, the 24-year-old driver will probably regret that he recorded his crash and posted it online. At one time, there was a collection of materials with his participation:

By watching the above recordings, it can be concluded that the registrant is indeed injured, because the participants in the recorded events committed obvious infractions, such as not being careful when changing lanes and enforcing the right of way, perhaps the main infractions. On the other hand, it can be seen that in most situations the recorder was able to avoid collision if only he had complied with Art. 3 of the Road Traffic Law, according to which:

A participant in traffic and another person on the road is obligated to exercise caution or, where required by law, to exercise special caution, to avoid any action that may endanger the safety or order of the road, obstruct traffic or disturb public peace or order with respect to traffic, and endanger Anyone get hurt. Action also includes inaction.

Investigators gathered enough material to allow the prosecutor to prove that in the 24-year-old’s case there were multiple attempts to extort damages and not just bad luck. As reported by the Municipal Police Command in Kielce, “He used several vehicles for this practice. The man had different ways of enforcing events, for example, incorrectly indicating a change of direction or acceleration to result in a vehicle collision.”

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If the court finds the driver guilty, he could face up to eight years in prison. Moreover, more lawsuits may be expected as insurance companies may want to recover funds from wrongly paid claims.