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So you can send messages on WhatsApp without touching the screen

Sometimes phones have functions that we haven’t learned to use or simply don’t know, such as the status of a function The WhatsApp Where you can send messages without touching the screen.

That’s why we tell you in simple steps how you can send messages The WhatsApp When your hands are full or you are doing other activities.

How to send WhatsApp messages without touching the screen?

  • First of all, unlock your Android smartphone and go to the Google Assistant app.
  • Now you will need to tap on the profile picture icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • There you will see the common settings tab. Click on it.
  • On the next screen, scroll down and tap Personal Results Options.
  • Now you will have to record your voice with the voice assistant. You will just need to say Ok Google or Hey Google to continue.
  • Now you will have to say “send a message to” and say the name of the contact as you saved it
  • Google will now ask you to choose between a regular text message or a WhatsApp message. Say WhatsApp to confirm.
  • You can now speak the text you want to send to the contact and the voice assistant will write it for you.
  • Google Assistant will then send the message on WhatsApp to your selected account.

WhatsApp: How to know someone else’s location without sending them to you

Through apps, it is possible to perform countless activities that sometimes you didn’t know you could do, one of them knows Site for someone in The WhatsApp without having to send it to you.

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But to perform this trick, you need to be on your computer at The WhatsApp The web, regardless of whether you have iOS or Android.

You must enter

The WhatsApp
web and then close all the tabs that are running in the background.

Keep in mind that you need to have a modern conversation with the person who Site at that moment.

The steps are the following:

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete on your keyboard to open the task manager.
  • Press Win + R to open the run function then type ‘cmd’ in the field and hit Enter.
  • A command prompt will appear, where you will have to type “netstat-an” and press Enter. Then the other person’s IP address will appear.
  • Go to the page http: //
    put the address that appeared and it will immediately show a nearby location for that person.

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