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Sol Cresta will not appear again in 2021

Sol Cresta will not appear again in 2021

As confirmed by Platinum Games, the shoot-em-up “Sol Cresta” won’t be releasing in 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The release has been pushed back to 2022, but at least a new trailer is available for viewing.

Hideki Kamiya, Lead Game Designer at bei Platinum Games, Says: “For those who didn’t get too deep into the subject, Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta appeared in the 80s, then from a company called Nihon Bussan, better known as Nichibutsu. Both games were Scrolling, where you dock in a friendly spaceship match” .

He adds, “At that time, shooters where you fight alone were the norm. And the aggressive style of play, in which your spaceship became stronger when docked with allied ships, caused a real stir among the kids – and that’s how I went into gaming history. I was one of those kids. By myself and I’ve seen it all up close. Sol Cresta sees itself as a new type of shooter game released by Platinum Games and 36 years later as the latest official Cresta title to bridge the gap with Terra Cresta from 1985.”

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