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Spotify Premium is free for three months.  Promoting a music service isn't for everyone

Spotify Premium is free for three months. Promoting a music service isn’t for everyone

Spotify is the world’s most popular music streaming service. Podcast show has also been in vigorous development there for a long time. Spotify is free to use, but it has its limits. Songs from albums are played randomly, and there are commercials in between. In addition, the free version does not allow you to download music to disk and listen to it offline. So let’s buy the premium version, which presents a perfect opportunity.

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Spotify Premium is on sale for new users

New users who have not used Spotify Premium before will get the first 90 days for free by purchasing the service now if they choose the single option. After this time, the service costs 19.99 PLN per month. The offer is valid until June 22, 2021.

Spotify with a new search feature. You don’t need to know the title of the song or even the artist

On other packages, the free period is one month. After this time, you will have to pay PLN 24.99 per month for a twin package that lives under one roof. The Family option is designed for up to six people who live at the same address and allows you to create a shared Family Mix playlist and allows you to block obscene content. Its cost a month later is 29.99 PLN. University students can count on the discount and after the end of the free month, they will pay only PLN 9.99 to subscribe.

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Spotify Premium for returning users

Spotify has also made an offer for people who used the Premium subscription in the past, but chose to cancel the subscription later. In this case, for a monthly fee of 19.99 PLN, Spotify will guarantee three months of listening to the music. However, the prerequisite is that the installment period should not be stopped after April 26th.

SpotifySpotify raised the like limit. Other restrictions apply