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STALKER 2 - zrzut ekranu

Stalker 2 will go to the Czech Republic? This is what the latest rumors suggest

New rumors indicate that GSC Game World intends to move to the Czech Republic to complete work on STALKER 2. And it seems that this is just the beginning of the migration of Ukrainian developers.

After Russia’s aggressive attack on Ukraine, the developers stopped working on the continuation of the successful game.

STALKER 2 may be built in the Czech Republic

Czech game journalist Pavel Dubrovsky Provided information on the transfer of GSC Game World to the Czech Republic. Interestingly, he’s a well-known figure in that country’s gaming scene, so the new discoveries seem to come from a fairly reliable source.

In his opinion, GSC Game World intends to finish the next sequel to STALKER, but in the Czech Republic. The studio was forced to stop working on the game earlier when Russia launched an unprovoked attack on Ukraine. Since then, the developers have also changed the subtitle of the game and decided that it will not be available in Russia.

czech service whirlpool Soon he wrote an article on this topic. Their sources have reportedly confirmed the rumors that circulated online. STALKER 2 will be created not only in the Czech Republic, but also the next installment of the Cossack series.

According to the editor-in-chief of the Czech site, more Ukrainian developers intend to go to the Czech Republic.

Other developers assured me that GSC was already interested in Prague and that the team management should have already decided on the choice of the Czech capital. Interestingly, moving here could affect other Ukrainian brands who were interested in working in the Czech Republic.

– Explains Jiří Bigas from Vortex na Twitter

However, it must be remembered that the latest information is not confirmed. We will definitely get back to you as soon as the GSC makes its announcement.

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