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Microsoft hacked.  $ Lapsus boasts of stealing 37 GB of source code - Biznes Wprost

Microsoft hacked. $ Lapsus boasts of stealing 37 GB of source code – Biznes Wprost

On March 22, hacker group Lapsus$ published a link to a 9 GB package containing the source code of more than 250 Microsoft-owned projects. According to the hacker, the package should contain 90 percent. The icon for the Bing search engine and about half the icon for Bing Maps and the Cortana virtual assistant.

Microsoft hacked. giant leak

According to Bleeping Computer, the unpackaged package weighs 37 GB and contains the source code of many other applications and services. On the other hand, the Sekurak portal reported that the leak may contain Microsoft code signing certificates. Certificates are used to authenticate applications and computer updates. Thanks to them, the system knows that the application is safe. Confiscation of diplomas by criminals may open the door to new and dangerous attacks.

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The leaked data appears to be reliable and indeed comes from Microsoft. In addition to certificates, the package also includes emails and messages from Microsoft developer teams. The data stolen mainly relates to internet services, infrastructure and mobile applications. However, the leak did not find data on computer programs, such as Windows programs, Windows Server or Microsoft Office.

Hacker group Lapsus$ has been subjected to several major hacks. They managed to steal data from companies like Nvidia, Samsung, Vodafone, and Ubisoft. According to security analysts, the group gained access to companies’ internal systems by paying their employees. The group even made such an announcement on the Telegram messenger.

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