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In Hogwarts Legacy, we'll be flying on a broom, but are we going to play Quidditch?  - computer world

In Hogwarts Legacy, we’ll be flying on a broom, but are we going to play Quidditch? – computer world

We are receiving more and more information about Hogwarts Legacy. Many people wonder if one of the items is the favorite sport of magicians – Quidditch.

Hogwarts Legacy It is one of the most interesting games this year. Moreover, this title could break the losing streak for productions in the world of Harry “ego Potter. Lots of fans are waiting to get into the game. Hogwarts As a young magician and start your amazing adventure.

A large group of people are also wondering if we will be able to play the favorite sport among wizards, i.e. Quidditch. Unfortunately, we don’t have very good information. It is known for certain that one of the mechanisms of navigation will be the option to fly on a broomstick. On the official website of the production we can read:

A broom ride is one of the modes of transportation at the Hogwarts Heritage, and also includes broom races. Players can take a lesson to develop their flying skills with a broomstick.

Unfortunately, there is no information about sports competitions at Quidditch Arena anywhere. Probably, the creators can boast of such an option. Especially since many people would like this item to be present in the game. In the extensive presentation during the last state of play, we also did not see this element of the game.

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There are two options, either Quidditch will not be in Hogwarts legacy Not available at all, or Avalanche You plan to create an add-on at a later time that will enter the competition into the game. Both variables are equally likely in reality.

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