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VLC: Großes Update am iPhone bringt viele Neuerungen und Verbesserungen

VLC: The major update on iPhone brings many new features and improvements

VLC is probably one of the most versatile media players, and this also applies to the iOS version. This has now received a major update. Among other things, VLC 3.3.0 brings a new interface for playing videos and adds a black color scheme.

It can also be used on iPhone and iPad VLC media player Uses. The software has been available for Mac and Windows for years and will run pretty much anything it can run, and iOS is no different.

The latest update of VLC for iPhone adds, among other things, a new video playback interface. In addition, a number of improvements have been made when streaming from remote servers.
Finally, VLC 3.3.0 also includes a new black color scheme for iPhones with OLED screens.

This is new in VLC 3.3.0

The makers of VLC noted these innovations to update the software to the current version:

New support for NFS and SFTP network shares
Previous UPnP integration has been replaced by its own VLC based on libupnp
This improves compatibility with non-standard servers

Previous FTP integration replaced with one for VLC
This improves compatibility with servers that do not support Western text encoding

It allows connections to servers that do not use standard ports

Adds downloads from SMB servers
Adds support for http(s) downloads from servers that require authentication
Adds a grid structure to display the audio library

Significant improvements in speed and performance that avoid overheating issues

Fixed saving user data to network shares
Downloaded subtitles are now saved to local files
Auto video deinterlacing (default)
Restore the last open media category
Adds support for as a media source without first importing it into VLC

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This also allows playback from external devices!
Adds play queue control to manage scheduled media or TV channel lists

Adds an all-black color scheme for OLED devices
Adds the option rtsp-tcp
Adds support for 3D audio with Airpods Pro and Max

Library: allows you to sort tracks and albums by date they were added

Playback: Allows playback at speeds up to 8x
Video: Changed the white point adjustment on recent iOS devices

Adds support for SAT and GT; Intellectual property including personal channel lists

Touching the Back button now resets the playback position instead of jumping directly to the previous item in the list
Adds “Select All” feature to the library
Fixes viewing large amounts of media via Google Drive and Dropbox

Significant improvement in UI rendering speed on older iOS devices
VLC still supports all devices running iOS 9.0 and above!

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