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Gwiezdne wojny? Jeff Bezos pozywa NASA. Powodem Elon Musk

star Wars? Jeff Bezos is suing NASA. Cause Elon Musk –

There are many indications that the universe could permanently divide the two richest people in the world. Blue Origin owned by Jeff Bezos has sued NASA over its decision to award a contract for a lunar lander to SpaceX, led by Elon Musk.

The construction of the Human Landing System (HLS) probe is bit Artemis mission. The mission plan assumes that four astronauts will fly to the Moon in 2024. This will be the first time since 1972.

blue origin Believes However, the contract was unfair and the evaluation of its offer during the bidding process was “illegal and inappropriate”. The lawsuit is a continuation of the dispute that erupted in April of this year – then NASA decided to assign one company to the business. It was originally assumed that more concerns would get the contract. The space company also insists to the former Amazon chief that contractors are needed to build a lunar landing system.

Bezos does not lay down its arms

blue origin Intensification Public relations attack against NASA. Through a series of comparative charts, the company has highlighted an “unprecedented amount of technology, development, and processes that have never been done before.”

Last month Jeff Bezos It even offered NASA coverage for the $2 billion cost of reconsideration. “Blue Origin will cover the shortfall in the HLS landing budget by forgoing all payments in the current fiscal and next two fiscal years up to $2 billion to resume the program immediately,” Bezos wrote. However, his offer was rejected.

In addition, Blue Origin has already established a number of contacts that will bring him closer to winning a contract. Bezos has reached an agreement, among other things, with the military interest Lockheed Martin or the Draper Laboratory that deals with the development and implementation of solutions related to national security, space exploration, health care and energy.

NASA gives reasons for its decision

President NASA human research Kathy Luders She estimated that the agency’s current budget prevents it from hiring two companies – the reason being that the US Congress allocated only $850 million to the project, out of the $3.3 billion requested by NASA.

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In addition, the space agency confirms that SpaceX’s orbital mission records are an important factor. Company View Ilona Mosca | It was also a little more convenient.

Blue Origin’s complaints have also been taken up by the US oversight body – the Government Accountability Office (GAO). In his opinion, NASA “did not act inappropriately” by awarding the contract to only one of the companies. The US space agency must provide a response to the lawsuit by October 12.

cosmic competition

Both billionaires have been directed towards space exploration for a long time, and have reached new milestones in recent years. In August 2020, the first manned space mission in 10 years was launched from the territory of the United States of America. Mosca built both the Dragon spacecraft and the Falcon 9 rocket for use in them.

Thus, SpaceX became the first private company responsible for a manned flight to the International Space Station (ISS). The successful project was determined by the then NASA administrator Gemma Bridenstine As “the beginning of a new era of manned spacecraft”.

W the last In the month of the month, Jeff Bezos himself made the first commercial flight into space with the independent New Shepard. Experts have admitted that the billionaire’s successful flight is proof that Blue Origin has an effective platform for space tourism. Upcoming flights of this type will be launched this fall.