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Starfield with first details - similarities with Skyrim, factions and working time •

Starfield with first details – similarities with Skyrim, factions and working time •

Todd Howard is in a hurry with the new news.

Starfield’s first full-fledged trailer didn’t reveal many details about Bethesda’s space RPG, but Todd Howard did share a little info at Interview for the telegraph. The studio’s lead producer even compared the upcoming production structure to The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

The events take place in the future 300 years later, and the player character belongs to the Constellation organization. Howard talks about the agency as “NASA’s relationship with Indiana Jones and the extraordinary gentlemen’s association.” The developer also mentioned other combinations that can be found in Starfield.

– There are many factions in the game, but the player becomes a member of the main group. In terms of structure, Starfield is a bit like Skyrim, because you are who you want and there are different factions that you can join to create your own path,” he explains.

Todd Howard also mentioned the plot, albeit somewhat casually:

– We ask important questions in the game. Questions people ask themselves when they look at the sky. Whats going on? Where are we? How to get there? We get into scientific and religious topics.

– I like to think about these big questions. I see them in other forms of entertainment and I think we have a unique opportunity to present them in a game like this. We may not have all the answers, but I think we can make people wonder [nad tymi tematami – red.].

Bethesda’s lead producer also pointed to recent rumors that American actor Tom Cruise will be appearing in the game. He stated that it was not true.

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Starfield will be in our hands on November 11th. We’ll be launching the latest Bethesda production on PC and Xbox Series X/S – also as part of Xbox Game Pass.

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