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Storm just before Wimbledon!  It went to the bathroom

Storm just before Wimbledon! It went to the bathroom

Fans who bought tickets for this year’s Wimbledon match are outraged and did not hide their anger after they saw it. It’s about installing gender – neutral toilets.

Lucas Witzick

Wimbledon courts

Getty Images / John Walton – PA Images / Photo by: korty Wimbledonu

Wimbledon, held in London, is the most traditional tennis tournament in the world. Everything has been done the same way for decades, and any changes are received with great criticism from the fans. We all know you have to wear white on grass courts, and strawberries with cream are a traditional snack.

However, much has changed in recent years. Criticized among others, remove the “Miss” and “Miss” prefixes from the leaderboard. According to The Sun, organizers are now pouring in waves of criticism after the appearance of a gender-neutral toilet on the site.

It turns out that such a toilet appeared in the staff area. However, fans fear that this is just another break with tradition. “This move is unnecessary”, “Wimbledon is a tradition, it does not have to follow every fashion” – quotes the portal.

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A spokesman for the Wimbledon organizer took the floor on the matter and assured fans that no such toilets would be installed on the entire campus.

This year Wimbledon starts on Monday 27th June. Seven Polish delegates will play in a single match in the first round. Fans have high hopes for the performances of Iga Swedek and Hubert Harrocks, who were mentioned among the favorites for the final win.

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