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Summary of Episode 306 on Monday, January 3

in a Here it all begins, Maxime discovers the truth about Louis while Mehdi and Hortense argue and Guillaume and Clotilde put the table back on.

Monday January 3 In the second episode ofHere it all begins Marked by the departure of Celia and the imminent arrival of Michel Saran for his own role, Maxime thinks like Tessier (Benjamin Baruch who confessed to an adoration The little house in the meadow): Louis (Fabien Wolfrum, who has revealed his family’s connection to Aurelie Pons), stole a recipe from his father, Auguste Armand. but how ? The duo are looking forward to finding out the answer. Chloe and Alex’s son think of Enzo to help them, but they’ll finally call Olivia (Virginie Cagliari has an idea to find her ex-partner Kamel Belghazi in International Trade Center). It is the maxim that sticks to it. The chef also finds that this is not her style. She tells him that Louis received a stump from Claire.

Will clouds separate from Laetitia?

Antoine discovers that Laetitia has memorized the students’ schedules. She is also an IT professional. Guillaume interrupts them and tells him that Clotilde has given him an ultimatum. Laetia is in shock and wants to lie to Guillaume’s wife. The couple is at an impasse. Guillaume should break away but he doesn’t feel he can. Guillaume tells Clotilde that he did not succeed in the separation. He asks him a little time because he was lost. She asked him to tell her “I love you”. The couple eventually makes love.

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Maxime discovers Louis’ notebook

So Olivia Maxime invites Claire to search the trunk sent to Louis. Maxim finds nothing and asks to visit Louis’ room. She was hesitant at first, finally accepted and gave him five minutes. Maxime finds the famous Auguste notebook that Louis used. That’s when Claire arrives and asks what he’s doing there. Maxim is lying, saying that Tessier wants to organize a small exhibition in Auguste and wants certificates in his honor. In Double A, Anaïs does not recognize Enzo who fought with Maxime. He sends her to the ball claiming that she is no longer his girlfriend. Later, Maxime asks Enzo about Louis’ notebook. He denies knowing this and immediately warns Louis about Maxim’s discovery.

Mahdi and Hortense argue

For their part, Mehdi and Hortens argue over pastries during an exercise in which they have to review the famous Vacherin. Mahdi agrees to follow Hortense’s recommendations. The teacher is disappointed and finds the pastries far from his expectations. Following these criticisms, Mehdi and Hortense argued. The chef suggests that Mehdi work with another husband to avoid further tensions. Offers to help Diva. When Hortense finds out, she is disappointed and leaves. At the end of the episode, Maxime tells Teyssier that he has Auguste Armand’s notebook. “With this, everyone will know that Louis is a fraud.”‘ says the director.