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Super Chance Draw Results - 27.10 from 2 pm Were your numbers drawn on Wednesday?

Super Chance Draw Results – 27.10 from 2 pm Were your numbers drawn on Wednesday?

Figures drawn in Super Chance on October 27, 2021 can be found in this text. For now you will find here the numbers drawn at 2 pm Check to see if the afternoon draw is lucky for you. 21:50.

Super Chance 10/27/2021, hours. 2:00 pm: Draw results

We already officially know the results of the Super Chance drawing today. At Studio Lotto, the drawing of lucky numbers in Super Chance is over. What numbers are drawn on October 27, 2021 at 14:00 in Super Chance? And most importantly – do you already know what you are going to spend winning the super chance? Remember that the draw takes place twice a day, so you have a chance to win a great chance twice a day. Take your coupon and compare it to the numbers drawn in Super Chance today (10/27/2021) at 14:00:
number Super opportunities to me:

7 0 8 7 0 6 8

Breakthrough chance tie 27.10.2021, hours. 21:50

During the Super Chance draw on October 27, 2021, your numbers weren’t logged? Nothing happened, today you will have a chance to win again. The next draw will take place at 21:50. In the meantime, check out the results of yesterday evening’s draw:
number Super opportunities to me:

2 6 5 5 8 3 0

Lotto results

Super Opportunity – How to check drawing results?

The draw, in which the activated Super Chance number participates, takes place at the same time as the main game you chose (eg Lotto). You can check your Super Chance drawing results by checking the number of consecutive digits of your Super Chance number (you can find your Super Chance number on your coupon, and check the number of entries starting at the end of the number).

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The 7-digit Super Chance number is on all Lotto tickets except Keno. In order for the figure to participate in the competition, the appropriate box must be ticked on the form. Thanks to this, the Super Chance number will participate in the draw.