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These are tax-exempt annuities – schedule of rates. See accounts for gross and net amounts

These are tax-free pensions. For 2022, the government is preparing a number of changes as part of the Polish deal. You should care, inter alia, for the elderly who have the lowest pensions. Those with the least benefit should be exempt from paying taxes. It will mean more money in their pockets for them. Find out how much you can earn from pension changes in 2022.

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The “Polish Deal” is a law and justice program that the party wants to implement after the coronavirus pandemic. They contain many proposals for citizens. We already know the first details of the programs.

As part of the Polish bargain, the tax system must be changed. The new tax-exempt amount will be PLN 30,000. This means that 65% of retired and low-paid people are tax-exempt.

Pension tax is not collected Total up to 2500 PLN. For seniors with lower pensions, this means more money in their pockets. Moreover, one should remember the March indicator. However, there is also talk of a possible increase in health insurance premiums.

So how much can seniors earn at the start of the year after the New Deal is introduced? Provided the “truth” of pension accounts after tax reform. Find out the gross and net amount of pensions in early 2022. Details in our photo gallery.

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