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Surgeons using AC/DC are more accurate: Study – El Financiero

Surgeons using AC/DC are more accurate: Study – El Financiero

highway to hellAnd behind in black And other popular songs from the Australian band AC / DC They can be more than classic rock and help doctors during surgeries.

According to a study conducted by researchers at Technische Universität Dresden (Dresden Polytechnic) in Germany, surgeons who listened to the music of this band were able to perform better in their work.

Specialists Cui Yang, Franziska Mottig, Jürgen Weitz, Christoph Reisfelder, and Søren Torge Mies have investigated the effect of different types of rocks and volume levels on doctors’ performance during a procedure called laparoscopy, which is minimally invasive surgery, which involves the introduction of thin surgical procedures. A tube called a laparoscope enters the patient’s abdomen through a small incision.

Doctors participating in the study performed this surgery in three situations: without music, with music with a medium volume and a high volume. Surgeons listened to soft rock music from the Beatles and solid rock AC / DC.

Experts evaluated the speed and accuracy of the surgeons in the three different scenarios and found that with soft, medium-sized rocks, participants were faster in moving the pins and more accurately at suturing the knot inside the body than with the operation without music.

However, they find that this positive effect is lost if the soft rock is played at a large volume.

While AC/DC songs were at a medium volume, participants performed faster precision cuts compared to performing the same task without music. In addition, the accuracy of the cut was preserved.

“Our data reveal that the effect of music on endoscopic performance can depend on a combination of musical genre and amplitude,” the specialists noted in the study article.

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“A generally accepted type of music with an appropriate size can improve the performance of junior surgeons during laparoscopic surgeries,” they added.