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Sylvie Vartan: Her husband, Tony Scotty, comes out of the shadows and suddenly appears near her

For 37 years, Sylvie Vartan has been a loving and happy woman in the arms of Tony Scotty. At 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, October 10, 2021, he was present at her side. While he would prefer to be in the shadows, he agreed to trust their relationship.

It’s very rare in the media. But for Sylvie Vartan, the woman he’s been in love with for 37 years, he has agreed to step out of the shadows. Sunday 10 October 2021 AD 8:30 pm on SundayAnd Tony Scotty answered Laurent Dillahous’ questions. It was in Japan that lovers met for the first time. “I wasn’t supposed to take this trip and finally well done“, thus captivated Sylvie Vartan on the set of France 2. As the journalist noted, the producer prefers to leave the light to the singer.”I’ve spent most of my life behind the scenes. The first part of life, I was in the spotlight and then I preferred to retire‘, captured Tony Scotty.

Once again, on the occasion of Sylvie Vartan’s presentation, it will be behind the scenes. The person who shared Johnny Hallyday’s life also knows that she can always count on her soulmate. “he is strong. There is no complacency. It suits me because it gives me confidence. He is someone who knows you perfectly, knows your weaknesses and limitations but also what you are capable of.‘ said Sylvie Vartan.

Tony Scotty has worked with a lot of artists

In the face of this praise, Tony Scotty wanted to re-establish a fact: “She was the one who actually did everything before meeting me“Go off making the artist smile.”I accompanied him for a bit and had some ideas. At the age of 81, he worked with many artists such as the ABBA group or Sylvester Stallone. It has also long rubbed the shoulders of a young fetish for many years.. The two men were good friends and communicated with each other regularly. They had a common passion: Sylvie Vartan.

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