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Tampa Bay Lighting is in the Stanley Cup for the third year in a row

Munich – The lighting of Tampa Bay made the perfect venue for the Stanley Cup! In Game Six of the Eastern Conference Finals against the New York Rangers, the defending champions managed a 2-1 home win and won the playoff series 4-2.

Thus, the Florida franchise has a chance of winning a third consecutive NHL title. The last time New Yorkers did it was in 1983.

NHL Playoffs: Stephen Stamkos becomes match winner

The man of the night was Lightning captain Steven Stamkos. The Canadian paved the way for the final with two goals. In the 31st minute, the 32-year-old gave his team the lead, after Franck Vatrano’s equalizer (54), it only took 20 seconds for Stamkos to take the lead again and score the winning goal.

Stanley Cup competitors are the Colorado Avalanche, who have reached the finals for the first time in 21 years. The first game of the series will be held in Denver on Wednesday evening. From the fourth game in the series (June 22), ProSieben MAXX and will broadcast the Stanley Cup live on TV and in free live broadcasts.

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