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TAURON Joins the Katowice Smog and Promotes Environmental Solutions

TAURON Joins the Katowice Smog and Promotes Environmental Solutions

TAURON encourages Katowice residents to replace their old coal boilers with more ecological heating methods. On the Katowice Smog Road, the company has planned media activities targeting residents of multi-family buildings that can be connected to the heating network as part of the elimination of low emissions. This year, the company will deliver 53 megawatts of heat in the Silesia-Debroua conglomerate, and by 2025 the company plans to connect about 45 megawatts of heat per year to the heating network.

From October 16 to December 2, in the areas of Katowice covered by the TAURON Ciepło heating network, representatives of the company will inform residents of the possibilities of connecting buildings to the network and obtain financing for internal installations.

This is the second edition of the smogobus campaign organized by the Town Hall in Katowice. A private bus operates in Katowice from September 25 this year. Systematically visiting all areas of the city, City Hall officials encourage residents to replace heating with ecological ones. On October 16, the bus will visit Karol Miarka Square, where TAURON Ciepło will boost the heat of the region.

– We want to reach the population directly with information. Activities related to the elimination of low emissions include specific areas that must be connected to the heating network. The smogobus route also covers the regions of Śródmieście, Załęże, Bogucice, Józefowiec, Dąbrówka Mała, Koszutka, Zawodzie and Piotrowice, which are located near our heating network – says Wojciech Frank, Vice President of the Board of Directors of TAURON Ciepo.