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The New Deal: Earnings after gross and net changes.  How much will you gain or lose?  Bonus calculator up to 17 thousand PLN October 2, 2021

The New Deal: Earnings After Gross and Net Changes! Salary calculator up to 17,000 PLN How much will you gain or lose? 10/16/2021

Net and gross profits after introducing the new system. Check who wins and who loses after changes to the regulations. Below we present gross and net wage conversion plus profit and loss. The list applies to persons employed under a full-time employment contract. Full-time employees who earn 3000-3500 zlotys will benefit more from the tax changes registered in the “Polish Lada”. has increased. The calculations are based on the information to date regarding the new deal offered by the government. You can check out the salary calculator on the following slides.

Earnings at Nowy Lada in 2022: Government gross / net / new profit or loss ratio with a salary from PLN 3,010 to PLN 17,000 gross.

The Polish New Deal will increase salaries (and pensions) in two ways:

  • Increasing the tax-exempt amount from PLN 8000 to PLN 30 thousand per year, i.e. PLN 2500 per month – the tax will be calculated only on surpluses over PLN 2500, regardless of the amount of the salary;
  • By raising the second tax threshold from PLN 85,528 to PLN 120,000 – only from this amount instead of 17 percent. The tax will be 32 percent.

Check how much you earn in Nowy ada and how much depends on your salary:

  • you will win,
  • You will not win and you will not lose,
  • You will lose.

We start the exhibition of 30 slides with a total of 3010 PLN, because this is the minimum wage in Poland as of January 1, 2022, and come to PLN 17,000. Our calculations for specific salaries – first every 100 PLN, then every 200, 500 and 1000 – are generated by the official government calculator.

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