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Przerwy techniczne w bankach u schyłku Black Week. Lepiej zapłacić za zakupy wcześniej

Technical breakthrough, among others PKO, ING, Credit Agricole, BOŚ Bank

2021-11-26 13:26

2021-11-26 13:26

Technical breaks in the banks at the end of the black week.  It is better to pay for purchases in advance
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Customers planning to take advantage of the black week currently underway should check if their bank is also planning something for this weekend – a technical break. Many institutions have reported business, among other things, via internet banking.

At the end of this week, customers of the following banks may have problems accessing some services: Bank BPS, BOŚ Bank, Credit Agricole, ING Bank Śląski, Inteligo, PKO Bank Polski.

Break in BPS Bank

Work service Banku BPS Over the course of two days. Their start was scheduled for Friday (November 26, 2021) at 20.00. Since then, bank customers will not be able to log in to electronic banking services. System access will be restored The next day (Saturday, November 27) at 15.00.

The service works at BOŚ Bank

BOŚ Bank
He announced on his website the maintenance work scheduled for the end of this week. it will happen Sunday (November 28) In the Night – Between 4.00 a.m. to 8.00 a.m. According to the bank, the BOŚBank24 system, the mobile application and the TeleBOŚ service will operate to a limited extent during the specified hours. This means that the bank will not make transfers, BLIK payments, express payments, BOŚ payments and phone top-ups.

Take a break at Credit Agricole

for a few hours Night from Saturday to Sunday (27/28 November) NS Credit Agricole Some services will not work. I’m talking about CA24 services (eBank, internet, mobile, text messaging), chatbot, IVR automated phone service, Przelew Online and Blik online payments. Difficulties will continue From 0.00 to 9.00 am. During the rest period, SMS notifications will not be sent to customers about transactions made with the card.

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eMakler not available at ING Śląski . Bank

W ING Śląski . Bank
Saturday (November 27) from 8.00 am to 20.00 The Makler module will not work in ING Makler Mobile Online Banking and Mobile App.

Fracture in PKO BP and Inteligo

Saturday (27 November) from 0.00-15.00 will not be in PKO BP and Inteligo Some insurances are available. The second is to secure Moje Podróże24. PKO BP expands the list to include PKO Dom, Moje Życie24, PKO Ubezpieczenie Ślub and Assistance.

Difficulties accessing Family 500+ apps

The Ministry of Family and Social Policy planned to operate this weekend, which will lead to difficulties in accessing the Family 500+ apps. The break will begin on Saturday (November 27) at 17.00 and will continue until Monday (November 29) at 6.30 During this time, no official confirmation of receipt will be issued. BPS Bank and Bank Pocztowy reported the difficulties on their website.