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The Bachelor: Will you soon be engaged to Nico Gresert and Michelle?

Nico Grisert and Michel de Ross pose for the photographers.

Nico Grisert and Michel de Ross, here at an event in Berlin in September 2021, are madly in love.

The rumor mill is boiling. Do Nico and his ex-“The Bachelor” Michelle want to get engaged? A photo on Instagram fits this assumption.

Osnabrück. Will wedding bells ring soon for former ‘Bachelor’ Nico Grisert (31) and Michele de Ross?

On his Instagram story, Rosenkavalier explained that it may soon be the case.

Will Nico Gresert ‘The Bachelor’ soon propose to Michelle?

There is a turbulent love story behind Nico Grisert and Michelle. During the filming of “The Bachelor” the two got close, but then Niko expelled the 27-year-old from Cologne shortly before the end, brought her back to the end and then decided on someone else, but never did it to him. together.

Shortly after the final, he decided to choose Michel. Meanwhile, the couple moved into a shared apartment in Cologne. Is the next step coming soon?

Nico and Michelle “Bachelor” in front of the wedding ring studio

The couple has now visited Nikko’s family in Osnabrück together. On his Instagram story, the 31-year-old posted a short clip in which he first pointed the camera at Michelle, who laughed shyly.

Wedding ring shop window.

In his Instagram story, Nico Grissert posts a studio for wedding rings.

Then the image goes to the wedding ring studio window. If that’s not a clear indication that things are getting really serious, between the two.

So far, nothing is known about the engagement. If soon Nico asks Michelle the crucial question, the two will surely tell his fans right away via Instagram. (me)

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