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The Battle Over Biden’s Diet – ‘Eating Like a Baby’ |  News

The Battle Over Biden’s Diet – ‘Eating Like a Baby’ | News

It’s news site Axios that has spoken to sources close to the president about his controversial diet and the difficulties in changing it.

His favorite foods include pizza, cookies, ice cream, pasta with butter, and red sauce. He often drinks Gatorade orange energy drink.

On a podcast episode of Here’s the Deal, the president said this about his favorite peanut butter and jam sandwiches:

– It’s small and I can sneak with me. You know you can buy small packets of them and I take them on the plane when I travel back and forth.

According to Axios, Joe Biden has a penchant for carbs and staff describes his diet as “beige.” But his wife, Jill Biden, is leading the fight for the president to eat more fish and vegetables, no matter what he thinks.

President Val Biden’s sister, who published her memoirs last year, also commented on her brother’s eating habits. During a visit to the White House, for a private dinner, Jill Biden set the menu, it was salmon with vegetables.

– Damn, you make me eat this healthy stuff all the time, as the chief is said to have said.

Hot election issue

The fight over Joe Biden’s food is part of a larger goal to keep the president as healthy as possible ahead of the next presidential election. As the oldest president of the United States, the question of his health has become a hot campaign issue.

Biden works out in the morning with a physical therapist, but he also said age makes it harder and harder.

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– If I take it easy for a week, I feel like it. I used to be able to go for a week and nothing changed.

Last February, his physician deemed the President healthy enough to carry out his mission, but in the same report it appeared that he was being treated for, among other things, high cholesterol.

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Dinner at the White House has become a funny story.