Windows Terminal The default tool will be in Windows 11. The classic command line, to which many users are accustomed, will disappear, or at least it will not look like this anymore. The change will be slow, but the command line will be replaced by Windows Terminal next year. You can make such a change now, if you wish.

Windows Terminal will replace the command line in Windows 11

Windows 11 has not yet made its way to computers, but you can see that Microsoft is preparing more and more changes. Some of them may be likable and some not necessarily. Will it be the same with this change? Perhaps this is a matter of habit, and many users will be satisfied with what Microsoft plans. Well, in 2022, Windows Terminal will become the default tool, incl. to the command line. Microsoft wants Windows Terminal to become more than just a tool. Is to become an “experience”, which is called in the press release Command line experiment.

Until now, the default emulator in Windows was Windows Console Host (conhost.exe). So I’ve always run command line or PowerShell with it. From 2022 it will change, or at least in Windows 11. Users can change the device on their own, but it wasn’t that easy. Thus, Microsoft is opening up to new tools, because although the default is Windows Terminal, the user will be able to choose a different solution for himself.

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For ordinary Windows users, such a change will not make much difference, but developers will be able to do more thanks to it. Windows Terminal was introduced in 2019 and allows, among other things, to use multiple tabs at the same time (such as the command line and PowerShell). As a default, Windows Terminal will arrive in Windows 11 in 2022. On a system, this can already be set in the Developer Settings page of the Settings app.

source: Microsoft

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