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The European Parliament votes against monitoring encrypted conversations

The controversial bill gives authorities the right to force IT companies to erase all private messages and photos. Now the EU Parliament is demanding that there be concrete doubt first, and that encrypted conversations be excluded.

On Tuesday morning, the Parliamentary Committee for Civil Liberties and Rights (Liby) reached its position. 51 members Been voted For, 2 against and 1 abstained from voting. All the Swedes – Sarah Skytedal (KD), Thomas Toby (C), Abeer Al-Sahlani (C) and Evin Enser (S) – pressed the yes button.

Abeer Al-Sahlani, European Union parliamentarian from the Al-Wasat Party and member of the Civil Liberties and Rights Committee.

Photo: Brigitte Haas

It is unusual for all party groups in the EU Parliament to agree, as well as for the Parliament to radically change the content of a bill from the EU Commission.

– I have not encountered anything like this during the four years I spent here, says Abeer Al-Sahlani.

The Council of Ministers (European Union governments) has not yet taken its position. After that, final negotiations on the law await.

Sarah Skittahl says the EU Parliament has a strong position.

She says: – I am confident that they are committed to protecting full encryption.

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