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The first astronauts of a special space program arrive at the International Space Station

The first astronauts of a special space program arrive at the International Space Station

The Special mission Axiom Space-1, Ax-1first with special astronauts bound for International Space Station The ISS took off on Friday with four crew members in the Dragon capsule.

over a missile Falcon 9 from SpaceXThe ship called quest At 10:17 a.m. from Launch Complex 39A in Kennedy Space Center from NASA in Florida.

The crew members of the Ax-1 are: Commander Michael Lopez Alegria, Hispanic American; Pilot Larry Connor of the United States and mission specialists Eitan Stipe of Israel and Mark Bathy of Canada.

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The mission will last ten days, eight of which will be aboard the International Space Station, where the four visitors will conduct scientific research, publication and activities funded by a private initiative.

The Dragon Endeavor spacecraft is scheduled to dock with the International Space Station on Saturday, April 9, and a welcome party for new visitors will be held by the station’s current tenants, the seven crew members of Flight 67.

At the end of her mission, her Dragon ship will disembark from the International Space Station and return to Earth, causing a parachute landing off the coast of Florida.

There will be Spanish food on the International Space Station

The curiosity of this particular mission is that celebrity chef Jose Andres has prepared various dishes and meals suitable for astronauts to enjoy during their stay in the orbiting laboratory. The collaboration grew out of the friendship between chef Andres and fellow Spanish and veteran Ax-1 astronaut, Commander Michael Lopez-Alegria, according to NASA.

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During the months leading up to the flight, Ax-1 crew members participated in sensory experiences with Chef Andres and members of Chef Jose Andres’s ThinkFoodGroup culinary team. As explained by Axiom Space on its website, the bespoke meals are based on the traditional flavors and dishes of the indigenous Comandante López-Alegría Spain. For their first meal in space, Ax-1 astronauts will enjoy a specialty of Valencia rice. Later in the mission, the crew will secretly eat pork with ratatouille, chicken, and mushroom paella.

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The Axiom and ThinkFoodGroup teams worked closely with scientists at NASA’s Food Laboratory to ensure the ingredients complied with nutrition and preparation guidelines.

Ax-1 mission commander López-Alegría flew into space four times, on the STS-73, STS-92 and STS-113 space shuttle missions, and was the commander of ISS Expedition 14, flying to and from the International Space Station aboard the Soyuz TMA-9 . He holds the NASA record as the astronaut who has done the most spacewalks (10) and accumulated walking time (67 hours and 40 minutes).