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The first day of winter.  When will spring come?  Beautiful winter google doodle

The first day of winter. When will spring come? Beautiful winter google doodle

The first day of the astronomical winter of 2021 falls on December 21st. At 4:59 pm the Sun will pull its peak over Capricorn. In the northern hemisphere, the sun’s rays fall at its lowest angle, while in the southern hemisphere, astronomical summer begins.

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Astronomical spring begins on March 20, 2022. At. 4:33 pm The sun passes over the Aries point, which is the spring solstice. That means winter lasts 88 days, 23 hours and 34 minutes.

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Calendar, weather and phinological winter. When will they fall?

What about the calendar winter? It always starts on December 22nd. Weather winter, in turn, is “mobile”, although for statistical purposes, specific dates are adopted, indicating the beginning and end of the individual. Seasons. In Poland, the weather winter is expected to last from December 1 to February 28. In other countries and regions, these trade limits may vary. The beginning and end of the seasons can be determined based on observations of nature – for example, we are talking about the phinological winter when there is a gap in the vegetation.

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2021 is the first day of winter. Google Doodle has produced beautiful graphics

On the occasion of the first day of autonomous winter Google Doodle ready with beautiful animated graphics. This gif shows a hedgehog carrying cones, leaves and snow on its backs. This graphic can be appreciated by residents of countries in the Northern Hemisphere. United States, Canada, EU member states, Russia and India.

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