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The first new Season Pass character has been revealed

The first new Season Pass character has been revealed

It was put up for sale last month Comet Gear -Strive-Another part of the popular fighting game series from Arc System Works, also known from Dragon Ball FighterZ And the series Blaze Blue. It quickly gained great popularity, so it was boasted that since its first presentation, the game has already sold more than 500,000 copies on all available platforms. Now, the first new playable character has been revealed which will be available after purchasing the Season Pass.

You will know from the story that appeared in the main game Goldlewis Dickinson, self-proclaimed absolute defense ministerAnd he is certainly not inferior to other heroes in terms of the strangeness of character design, as he fights with a coffin hanging on chains, in which there is an alien from Area 51. The season pass is to introduce 5 additional playable heroes to the game – and that Goldlewis is a novice, it is already known that The second character will be one of those who have already appeared in the previous parts.

Some time ago, a leak surfaced on the network that revealed That Man, Happy Chaos, Jack-O, and Jam Kuradoberi will be included in the Season Pass. In the basic version of the game there are 15 characters: already known veterans of the Sol Badguy series, Ky Kiske, Milia Rage, Zato-1, May, Potemkin, Chipp, Axl, Faust, I-No, Ramlethal, Anji Mito and Leo, as well as To the uninitiated: Giovanna works for the government and Nagoryuki is a samurai vampire.

Season Pass holders will be able to start playing the new hero already July 27 – In turn, a few days later, because until July 30, those who are only interested in this character and do not want to buy the full package will have to wait.

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