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The Flash: First Photos of Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne, Supergirl and Batmobile

Movie Sparkle It’s finally a reality and we finally have the first pictures of Michael Keaton on his return as Bruce Wayne, plus The images also include the first close-up of Sasha Calle as Supergirl and a new Batmobile. during movie recordings.

The images leaked via Twitter also brought back Ezra Miller as Barry Allen and Iris West whom we actually met in one of the Flash sequences in Snyder Cut of Justice squad.

Here are the new photos from a set of recordings Sparkle:

Michael Keaton Cuomo Bruce Wayne | Photo: Grace Randolph (Twitter)

Kale Sasha in Supergirl Costume | Photo: New West Boy (Twitter)

Iris Westway Barry Allen | Photo: New West Boy (Twitter)

Michael Keaton’s new Batmobile | Photo: Grace Randolph (Twitter)

The leak occurred after a manager SparkleAndy Muschietti, will reveal badges flashAnd the super girl and the Batman Keaton, as well as immediately after a leak Cali showed flying In movie recordings as Supergirl. Sparkle Will adapt to the comic book series of bright spot, So it will involve time travel and Alternate universes will unite at least two generations of Batman, including Keaton and Ben Affleck.

Sparkle He started recording in April and Released in November 2022. The film is directed by Muschietti and written by Christina Hodson. The cast also includes Kiersey Clemons, Ron Livingston, Maribel Verdú, Saroise-Monica Jackson, and Rudy Mancuso.


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