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The Galaxy Watch 5 will debut without the Classic Edition, but what about its rotating bezel?  - computer world

The Galaxy Watch 5 will debut without the Classic Edition, but what about its rotating bezel? – computer world

Samsung may ditch the classic version of its Galaxy smartwatches this year, which could mean the end of the rotating physical frame. What does this mean for fans of this solution?

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Goal rotating material edge on the Galaxy Watch Classic series to provide a haptic (haptic) experience when navigating the user interface and allow you to use that interface without leaving smudges and fingerprints on the circular screen. virtual rotating bezel – Found on standard versions of the Galaxy Watch – They generally work similarly, except they’re touchscreen, so there’s no rotating physical ring surrounding the screen.

And while it might be “cool” from a purely technical point of view, Samsung’s virtual rotating bezel does not match its physical counterpart It gives the impression of additional functionality rather than the main element of the product. This is certainly an alternative way to navigate the UI, but it’s neither necessary nor useful as the physical framework. The virtual edge on Galaxy smartwatches Doesn’t give you a sense of touch I Does not prevent screen smear. Moreover, it is neither faster nor more convenient than the traditional way of navigating One UI Wear using the familiar tap and swipe gestures.

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Galaxy Watch 4

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I am happy to replace the default frame with a larger screen

Offering a single, simplified way of navigating the user interface can be an advantage in itself. But could removing the default bezel feature from the Galaxy Watch series have other benefits? Getting rid of the default frame entirely may allow Samsung to embrace more Full screen design with thinner screen edges I More active pixels. It will also allow reducing edges without fear of affecting the functionality of the tangible virtual frame.

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Away from this, The virtual framework does not always work as intendedAnd in the past, Samsung had to spend time and resources on fixing bugs and unwanted behavior. Maybe it should have been the company Get rid of the default frame first, and then consider abandoning the classic formula.

Galaxy Watch 4

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In conclusion, I wonder Is the default frame worth it? It makes sense to keep it as long as the classic series is still running. The code behind it already exists, so why not use it? On the other hand, without the classic series, The virtual frame begins to give the impression of a remnant of something larger or Unnecessary add-on may prevent chain development. Maybe it’s time to let go of that and focus on improving the other, perhaps most important, areas of Wear OS and One UI.

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