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The Witcher Multiplayer is on the rise?  Studio CD Projekt can work on an exciting element

The Witcher Multiplayer is on the rise? Studio CD Projekt can work on an exciting element

In November last year, CD Projekt announced a change to the long-term approach to online gaming in its products. The company still wants to create games that focus primarily on the story, but they will also have important multiplayer elements. In light of recent job offers, it seems very likely that The Molasses Flood is focusing on the online title.

The Molasses Flood is a Boston-based studio founded in 2014, whose rank includes experienced developers who previously had the opportunity to co-create games like Halo, BioShock, Rock Band, and Guitar Hero. In October 2021, CD Projekt confirmed the acquisition of the team – according to assurances from company representatives, the teams are working closely with each other, although the American studio will remain independent.

Information about an “ambitious project” based on an IP CD Projekt developed by a smaller studio has electrified the community around the Polish company from the start. Given the difficulties of Cyberpunk 2077 and the great expectations of players regarding The Witcher – from October, we can suspect that the creators are focusing on production in the universe created by Andrzej Sapkowski.

According to Gamerant editors, The Molasses Flood is currently looking for a multiplayer designer to work on the game on the Unreal Engine – the developers are developing the site based on the IP of CD Projekt.

The show suggests that it will be an action game with online duels and randomly generated items. In another announcement we can read about the leveling system and the enemies controlled by artificial intelligence The most important detail seems to be the mention of fighting with melee weapons and without equipment.

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All the information provided shows that The Witcher can indeed be created online Gamerant Editor also quotes Adam Kiciński, who stated during a question-and-answer session that CD Projekt wants to introduce network elements to Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher. We shouldn’t expect that Wild Hunt will suddenly test PvP, but The Molasses Flood has the opportunity to develop a title related to Geralt’s adventures.

If we put all the snippets of information together – the huge popularity of Andrzej Sapkowski’s scientist, the development of the brand belonging to CD Projekt (The Witcher or Cyberpunk 2077), the requirements presented in the job offer – we can conclude with confidence that the American team is developing the Witcher online.