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Hearthstone's expansion, Unite in Stormwind, launches on August 3

Hearthstone’s expansion, Unite in Stormwind, launches on August 3

Having dedicated itself entirely to the mighty antagonist – the Horde – in the latest “Forged in the Barrens” expansion, the publisher is guaranteed to restore balance with the new collection “United in Stormwind”. As the name suggests, the new Hearthstone expansion revolves around the majestic capital of the Alliance. A thriving place full of busy merchants and noble adventurers with their legendary carriers, who are always on the lookout for their next mission.

As usual, the deck of cards, which will be released on August 3rd, will bring 135 brand new cards and new mechanics to the game. The new keyword “tradable” is suitable for a place as crowded as a storm wind, full of exotic merchandise for sale in crowded markets.

Exchange is possible at any time

Whether it’s merchandise offered by merchants or surplus loot to adventurers – in Stormwind, just about everything can be traded. As new expansion cards come into play they can be played normally or, if necessary, replaced with another random card in your own deck for Mana. Provided you have a new keyword. So if you are not satisfied with the goods you received via Draw, you can look for something more convenient than the version for a small additional cost.

“Tradable” isn’t the only innovation United in Stormwind brings: the quest series also depicts the other half of the city’s population as well as busy businesses: dazzling heroes always ready for the next adventure.

Quests are three-part legendary spells that are always in the player’s hand at the start of the game. The player receives a reward for completing each sub-quest. Once you master the last challenge, the end result is a powerful class-specific mercenary servant with great skills.

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Not to leave these adventurers alone, Blizzard provides them with the right gear with Vereint in Sturmwind. Not only all kinds of professional gadgets (weapons!) but also terrifying and loyal heroes accompany in their quest for the next heroic achievement.

As usual with new expansions, the announcement has also begun in pre-sales in the Hearthstone in-game store. So if you want to prepare for upcoming adventures in advance, you’ll find all kinds of specials for card packs, card backs, skins and more right there until the August 3 release date.