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“The game of chess continues between the Russian and Ukrainian forces”

Chess game between Ukraine and Russia.

This is what happens during the launch of the Ukrainian counterattack, according to a source in the Ukrainian General Staff.

– We haven’t deployed our main forces yet and neither have the Russians, the source tells The Economist.

According to the source, the aim of the “chess match” is for the two armies to try to withdraw the opponent’s reserves.

he says The Economist That the most important thing for the Ukrainian forces at the moment is to limit the superiority of the Russian artillery by striking and destroying the Russian artillery systems far from the front, which has already been said to have achieved at least partial success.

The Russians have not yet fully exploited their numerical air superiority, although it may give them an advantage. Although Russian warplanes have begun to fly over the front more frequently, they are hampered by knowledge of all the modern anti-aircraft weapons Ukraine has received from its allies in the West, according to The Economist.

The newspaper reported that Ukraine had both successes and setbacks on the battlefield.

Ukrainian soldier at the front near Pashmut.
Ukrainian soldier at the front near Pashmut.

two kilometers a day

While the village of Blahodatny is said to have been liberated and Ukrainian forces are said to have encircled Pashmut “within a week”, “dozens” of Ukrainian soldiers are said to have died during an attack on the powerful Russian front on Orichev-Tokmak. The Ukrainian General Staff source told The Economist.

Ukrainian forces are advancing up to two kilometers a day in Pashmut, according to Serhiy Sherevaty, spokesman for the Ukrainian army’s eastern forces.

An unexpected effect of the Kakhovka Dam explosion in the Kherson region is that the floods have forced the Russian defense forces on the eastern side of the Dnieper River to withdraw, which could open the door to speedboat attacks by Ukrainian special forces.

– Former Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Zagorodnyuk said, according to The Economist, that the prospects are much better.