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The government wants to adopt in Q3 a project to build houses up to 70 square meters without a permit –

The government plans to adopt a project assuming the possibility of erecting residential buildings with a construction area of ​​70 m 2 based on the notification procedure, while the total usable area of ​​these buildings may not exceed 90 m 2 according to the list. From the legislative and programmatic work of the Council of Ministers.

The Cabinet is scheduled to approve the draft amendment to the Building Law and the Law on Spatial Planning and Development in the third quarter.

“The proposed regulation introduces the possibility of building single-family residential buildings without a building permit, without a building record and without the need to appoint a construction manager in the notification procedure. Already at the stage of approval of implementation, the subject of the application, to which the building design will be attached, is that a building with an area A development of up to 70 square meters with an attic, with a total usable area of ​​no more than 90 square meters,” the listing reads.

These objects are supposed to be small and simple in structure, which facilitates compliance with safety requirements. However, at the same time, they are allowed to be two-story, and an attic with rooms intended for people is also considered two-story.

The proposed regulation assumes that in the absence of a local spatial development plan, the decision on development conditions for this type of facility will be issued within a 30-day deadline.

In order to ensure a real shortening of the duration of the procedures for issuing a decision on the conditions for development, the draft provides for the imposition of a fine for exceeding the above. A term imposed by a higher authority, read more

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The project also provides for a change in the allowable development area for one-storey self-contained recreational buildings for periodic rest from the current 35 sq m to 70 sq m. In this case, it is planned to introduce curbs so that the span of the structural elements in these objects is no more than 6 m, and the span of the arches is limited to 2 m.

Source: ISBnews