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The Guardian responds to the allegations: Britney Spears is lying and we can prove it

Britney Spears accused her parents of oppressing them. The pop icon even complained about it. Now their bosses are resisting.

Los Angeles – Britney Spears (39) They accused their parents of pressuring them. Even the pop icon complained about it. Now their bosses are resisting.

Britney Spears, 39, is said to have lied – at least that’s what her managers say. © Chris Pizzello / Invision / AP / dpa

Perhaps the singer Britney Spears will have to suffer another defeat: a few days ago a court dismissed her case against her father.

And now it’s getting worse: your administration now claims they lied! Even guardians want clues.

Britney complained that her managers took advantage of her.

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“If I don’t take the tour, I’m supposed to find a lawyer and they’ll sue me. They gave me a paper and said I had to sign it,” the pop star, who has obvious mental issues, told the judge.

“I felt completely threatened and scared. I couldn’t even call my own lawyer because I was so scared. So I did the tour.”

The people around their parents strongly contradict this: the claims are untrue. share TMZ With Spears “begged” her to tour Europe.

When the tour was supposed to start, she was bored with the idea and wanted to cut it out. Managers even want to back up their data with text messages.

Guardians also want to comment on other allegations: The blonde singer had complained that she had been forbidden to marry, become pregnant and see her children.

The fate of Britney Spears shook the whole world. Now, even Republican politicians want to make the topic a political issue and invite the singer to Congress, like them New York Post mentioned.

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