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The intimate relationship between the most mysterious fashion designers revealed

This is one of the rare testimonies of the ’90s stripper designer, who always stayed away from the catwalks. This documentary offers an abundant and motivating glimpse into his remarkable and highly influential career. Watch tonight on Arte and then on

“For me, Martin Margiela is the last truly fashion revolution”, Warns of the opening of the documentary Carla Sozzani, at the origin of a famous concept store in Milan. In haute couture, there is a margiela before and after. From its beginnings, this secret creator and iconic rebel sent the innovative and colorful frivolity of the 1980s to embrace the radicalism of the following decade, overshadowed by crises. Margiela evokes, contemplating black and white, gray, forged, tattered, plastered, natural, circular, and conceptual.

“He saw me as a man and not as a companion of overcoats,” He testifies, with gratitude, a model of the house, discovered during this street molding technique and which the illustrious designer appreciates so much. Forward and take a break, Margiela? Not so quickly, measure well the rich and wonderful program that Arte dedicates to him. Hooligan knows his story – about fashion. At the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, a person who was still a student learned only to fantasize, from the typical costumes of different eras, and current shades – where he came from, no doubt, his taste for recycling and second-hand clothing.

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