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The most beautiful life in advance: Summary of Thursday’s episode, June 2, 2022 [SPOILERS] TV news series

The most beautiful life in advance: Summary of Thursday’s episode, June 2, 2022 [SPOILERS] TV news series

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Kylian must take his responsibilities. Roman does not know if he still has feelings for his ex-wife. Abdul loses hope of finding Elisa.

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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of the most beautiful life Tomorrow night broadcast on France 3!

Barbara and Tim kiss

Barbara asks Abdul for help with Tim’s file. Abdel immediately suspected that she had fallen in love with the young man, which she eventually confessed to. Meanwhile, the lawyer did not receive any communication from Elisa. He continues to search for information about her to no avail.

For his part, Marco, the leader of the parkour gang, asked Tim to come and film them at 2 pm. Tim relies on Barbara to fly a used drone he just bought him. She agreed to adjust her schedule to help him.

After that, Tim went to Abdul’s house. The latter checked his file and realized that he had a criminal record. But Tim assumes his status as a whistleblower in addition to its consequences. Instead of filing a complaint, Abdul suggests sending a threatening letter to BTC mentioning the circumstances of the incident he experienced. He assumes that if the company has something to hide, they will come back to him to work out a deal.

Early in the afternoon, Barbara leaves her service in Marcy to join Tim. They find Marco, who turns out to be suspicious. But Barbara manages to convince him that she is ready to risk joining their illegal activity. At the end of filming, Tim and Barbara review the photos together. Tim thanks her, admires her courage, leans in to kiss her…

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Killian begs Betty to give him a chance

Despite a night of nightmares, Betty enjoys waking up with joy and good humor in the company of Léa and Aurore. Soon, Betty overhears a conversation between Leah and Jean-Paul about her. Leah convinces her boyfriend to let the girl stay with them for a few more days.

Meanwhile, Eric announces to Killian that he has been called to the police station the next day because Betty has filed a complaint against him. He strongly advises her not to contact her. Despite this warning, Killian went to the bottom of the Boher Building, begging Betty to give him one last chance. In the meantime, the teen suggests you go ahead. Jean Paul sees them and forces Killian to leave. When the latter stands up to him, he deals with him in a car. After his release, Killian ends up leaving.

Roman reunites with his ex-wife

When Emily asked him about his evening the night before, Roman asserted that he did not spend the night with his ex out of respect for her. So the latter decided to leave him so that he could return with Séverine.

Later, Roman showed his roommate to Severin before leaving for work. Then she announces to the girls that she intends to stay longer in Marseille. Since the hotel is full, she asks for accommodation.

Severin found Roman at the end of her day. She guesses he had affairs with his roommate girls and says she has stories with no future after their breakup. She also assembled an interior decoration box. But she admits that none of this makes sense without it. She assures us that she does not care about her illness.

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Returning to the room, Roman and Severin reconnected. As they kiss, Fanny sees them in their bedroom door half open…