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221655155 - nieodebrane połączenie, kto dzwoni?

The mysterious number 221655155? The best choice

From June 25, the mysterious number 221655155 begins to connect to all networks. This is not telemarketed, and the call can be made all day, until 21:00.

221655155 – Who is calling?

hiding behind the number Ministry of Health hotline 989 advisors. The Minister of Health, Adam Nidzelsky, announced at a press conference in Bialystok that as part of a massive campaign, they will make up to a million such calls.

Missed call - 221655155 - Who is calling?

Number 221655155? It’s “The Last Straight”

Communication is made For people who have not yet been vaccinated. Consultants will call from Monday to Friday From 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.. During the conversation, they will let the caller know that they did it Issuing an electronic referral and can register for immunization.

221655155 - Who is calling?

Do you have an online referral – do you need a vaccination?

Calling a Ministry of Health consultant does not force you to be vaccinated. Only if you give your consent to the vaccination, A suitable time and place for vaccination will be arranged. This is by no means a compulsory vaccination campaign – it is beneficial and aims to remedy the marked decline in interest in vaccinations.

be seen: the mysterious number 222571145? You better pick up, otherwise the police will knock on the door

Beware of scammers and telemarketers!

In fact, immediately after the launch of the Ministry of Health media campaign, calls from telemarketers pretending to be the Ministry’s hotline began. A few minutes after this text was posted, someone called me From number 413367429Who, under the guise of allegedly supporting vaccination and distributing pulse oximeters, were called to the meeting. These are not the activities of the Ministry of Health at all! Competent consultants direct their interlocutors to vaccines, not sales meetings.

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Image source: Ministry of Health, Adobe Stock, property

Text source: Ministry of Health, Royal