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The new Battlefield will receive a story campaign.  Looks like EA learns from mistakes

The new Battlefield will receive a story campaign. Looks like EA learns from mistakes

DICE is trying to save Battlefield 2042, but according to leaks, the company has already started work on the new version of the series. It looks like a new team from EA is working on the shooter, which was responsible for developing the fictional campaign.

Can Battlefield 2042 be saved? Apparently, the project is supervised by a smaller team, which is only trying to develop new previously planned content, and the main branch of DICE is already working on the development of a completely new part of the series.

However, it seems that the game needs a lot of support, because in October 2021, EA opened a new studio, headed by Marcus Lehto, co-creator of the Halo series, whose formation was tasked with developing a new shooting game.

Marcus Leto is looking for a Project Manager for Seattle Eye Applicants must be familiar with “The core principles of the Battlefield series and making sure they are woven into all layers of a brilliantly designed single-player campaign”. Content creators need at least 10 years of experience as a manager or leader of a large team.

ICYMI: In line with EA’s job offer, studio Marcus Lehto in Seattle is looking for a Project Manager to lead the team and vision of the ‘New Single Player #Battlefield’ campaign while adhering to the ‘core principles’ of IP

Apparently, EA is learning from its mistakes, and while the company is still joking about single-player games on social media, you know, the company is developing a number of story-oriented products, and we can also expect a campaign in the Battlefield series.

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Of course, there are still a lot of changes, with a new Battlefield likely to debut in just a few years, but due to the problems of the last installment of the series, which does not have a campaign, EA can offer an engaging story. For dedicated IP lovers.