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The Polish game got the release date

The Polish game got the release date

Serial Cleaners It is a sequel to the game Serial Cleaner From 2017. This Polish production finally received the exact release date. Representatives of 505 Games and Draw Distance Studios have officially announced that owners of PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC will be able to access Serial Cleaners previously September 22 2022.

It’s worth noting that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series version has only been announced now. Check out the new ad side by side.

New York, New Year’s Eve 1999. On the threshold of the new millennium, an extraordinary team of four professional mafia cleaners gather to drink and remember their joint career. When, in the course of the stories being told, it becomes clear that nothing is right, an unpleasant truth begins to emerge. Shared memories of a decade-old collaboration turn into a tense confrontation.

Discover a homage to ’90s cinema – from Tarantino classics to blockbuster crime thrillers to your favorite B-movies and more. The Cleaners series brings together familiar places, characters, and scenes to give their character to the decade we all remember through rose-tinted glasses… forgetting her dark face. Listen to the rich soundtracks of many of the genres that defined the end of the 20th century – from East Coast hip-hop to industrial metal and rave. It doesn’t matter if your 90s were marked by clubs, festivals, or radio – we have something for everyone.

Four characters, four perspectives, and four play styles. Street flair, brute force, a penchant for technology or an old school routine and an arsenal of tricks: each will allow you to face similar obstacles in completely different ways. Set your path through a non-linear story by selecting the topics you want to hear about, then approach the task as carefully or as carelessly as you like. Sneak, explore and run depending on the situation and your preference. Get rid of corpses and other forensic evidence to keep everyone clean before the new millennium.

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