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The Pope to Scholas and Oort: Education requires freedom and dynamism

The Pope to Scholas and Oort: Education requires freedom and dynamism

In a video message to students who participated in the Sixth World Youth Meeting, organized by Scholas Occurrentes and World ORT, Pope Francis emphasized that education must include movement, volunteerism and meetings.

Catarina Agorilios – Vatican City

The 6th World Youth Meeting was held from October 23 to 26 in São Paulo, Brazil on the theme “Life in Movement” with the aim of promoting an educational culture based on peace and dialogue.

The meeting was organized by the Pontifical Foundation Al-Liqaa Schoolsthe global educational network run by the Jewish host World ORT, the rehabilitation organization, and the Leo Werthein Foundation.

More than 100 young people from 25 countries gathered for four days to talk about interfaith dialogue and diversity with the aim of working for a more just and unified world.

Video message of the Pope

Pope Francis sent a short video message to the meeting thanking ORT for its work. He said that this is a reflection of commitment and testimony based on the keywords: movement, volunteering, and meeting. “For a meeting to be truly human and not commercial, it must be free. To have a meeting there must be movement. In other words, you see, these three words mean something very human.

In thanking the management of the ORT schools that cooperate with Scholas, the Pope emphasizes that this is an intuition that has not yet reached its full potential but is very important for the future. In conclusion, the Pope thanked the Brazilian authorities for their support of this initiative.

The Pope’s video message to the World Youth Meeting 2023

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