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“The public is reassured, but it hasn’t changed everything”

Launching however! Football club ASSE: Players at the end of their contract in 2021

The boiler has not changed. Despite the Southern Cup’s lack of it, the Green Angels didn’t agree with health measures, and 20,461 supporters lined up in Jeffroy Guichard’s stands on Sunday against Lorient. And the atmosphere was there, following Magic Fans who paid tribute to Robert Herbin, greeted Loïc Perrin and Jessy Moulin, and propelled their team to the finish.

The boiler deserved better

Claude Boyle as Christophe Pelissier did nothing wrong in welcoming Joe Chaudron. But this was not enough for ASSE to start their season with a victory. However, on the contrary, the Hake appeared limited, despite the presence of Moffi kinetics up front and Lemoine volume in the middle. They are also the ones who spotted the mistake first, at the start of the second half, Le Goff beat Green, whose right slate saved him early in the match with a kick from Abergel. It took a penalty kick from Khazri and converted to the Greens to equalize, and if they could eventually win headers from Nadi and Mukoudi, their performance was not reassuring after a campaign of grueling friendlies, and rather before that. Full schedule for the coming days (Lens, Lille, Marseille)…

Greens are still performing poorly at home

To justify this slow start, as evidenced by small copies by Auchish, Abi, but also by Camara, Boyle mentions late returns and absences. Mukodi, Hamuma, Khazri and Nordan are back in training, just like Sue. Gourna is recovering from Covid while Neyou has been suspended. The Cameroonian should return to competition next weekend in Lens, just like Traoko. Technically, their contribution shouldn’t be hurt as the team cruelly lacks control against Lorient. This was the case all last season, or nearly, at St. Geoffroy-Gichard, the stadium the Greens left in May after their recent defeat to Dijon (0-1). At the time, they were still playing at 11, without input from the crowd who was by far the best man in the game yesterday afternoon.