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Legia.Net – Legia Warszawa – Misić and Franji before the rematch with Legia

The mood is good and so is the atmosphere in the team. We know we didn’t do well in the first game, but we did well. We made a lot of mistakes, took a look at the game analysis and I think he will be fine now. The postponement of the league match helped us a lot, because if we play on Saturday, it will be very difficult to regain strength for the second match – said Josip Mesic before Tuesday’s competition with Legia Warszawa (10.08. at 21:00).

Legia is a solid team in the defensive block, and there are a few players from the middle who are playing very well for them. Our game was about Bruno Petkovic, who’s in good shape and that should go on, so we’ll be better. I heard the Legia stadium is going to be full, and there is nothing nicer than playing in front of full stands. He added that this is the impetus to show what we can do Josep Mesic.

Bartol Frangi, left of Dinamo Zagreb: – I feel very good. I think the team is ready. We analyzed the mistakes we made in the first match. We knew that our opponents are strong in defense and we knew what we had to do, which is to be solid, not to make mistakes, because the opponents are good at defending. We know we are a better team, but we have 90 minutes of competition. We have to show on the pitch that we are better and I think we will prove that and we will move forward. It is known that the Poles are fanatics and there will be a good atmosphere, but we are already used to it and I think that there will be no problems with it.

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