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The revamped blues introduce themselves to Finland and see the Reds again

A manpower review against the tiny, soaring Finland, the 28th country in the FIFA rankings, whose melancholy evening began with a hiccup with the wrong anthem played at Ossen Stadium, paid off as a mark.

Matthew shines

The Paris FC striker, Clara Mathieu, featured a vital part of rhythm, pace and precious set pieces. At the age of 24, Nantes’ home improved from her seventh pick by providing two cornerstones to heads Melvin Mallard (2-0, 16) and Wendy Renard (3-0, 34), also the top scorer in 89th place.

Even Mathieu could have dreamed more without the rebellious post (73) after a shot fired after a zigzag zigzag in the opponent’s defence. Five months before the Euros, due to take place in July in England, she has given substance to the ambitions that emerged at the start of the week with AFP, saying she wants to take advantage of her second consecutive training period “to gain more experience and be able to come back in the next selection.” “.

Since his 21st peak, Mallard has also made use of the hand extended by the coach to drop his cards from the right wing to attack. Energetic and decisive, she scored her third goal in 9 selections.

The same talent and age as Sandy Baltimore who, from the opposite lane on the left, caused so much agony for his destination. After one minute of a beautiful recovery over (11), the Paris Saint-Germain winger scored an own goal from Anna Westerlund (1-0, 12). She is also the one who takes the winning corner to score Renard’s last goal.

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Al Hamrawi, after 3 years

After the final result, the evening was marked by the return of the three-colored jersey of Khaira El Hamraoui, a major event nearly three years after her previous choice, and more than three months after the assault she was subjected to. The 3,600 spectators included in Le Havre’s roster did not react when the match entered, in the 62nd minute, but Deacon and Charlotte Billbolt, who took her place, were much warmer, with smiles and hugs.

The former Barcelona player has waited a long time to accept her number 37 and this is very important because it could bring her closer to a place in the Eurozone, which was completely unimaginable a few months ago, and more. a few days ago. Lost due to injury in October, after a surprise call-up, El Hamraoui (32) did not enter into the plans of Deacon, who offered him only a few seconds in April 2019 in a friendly match against Japan (3-1). Nor in those of his predecessor, Olivier Chauavne (two choices in 2016).

His entry into play, sober and effective, makes you want to see more in the face of tougher opposition. That’s good, Brazil and the Netherlands will soon appear in the Tournoi de France.