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The son of the Vikings warns that he will win the Triple A Championship for Couples

it’s time for triple For all wrestling lovers. your big party, Triplemania XXIXThere will be a ticket this afternoon with two lucky wrestlers to perform on a stage like this one in Arena Mexico City And you can also enjoy Live through channel space From 8:00 pm

You fight like this Psycho clown opposite the scorpion kingAnd Andrade “Idol” vs Kenny Omega, is the most expected by the public. But the other thing that steals the spotlight is fighting for it AAA Couples Championship What will they play Pentagon Junior and Phoenix against the Bull Accompanied by a surprise fighter and Laredo Kid With son of vikings, favorite duo to conquer belts.

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“I don’t want to do little for my teammates and rivals, but they are talking to the new tag team champion in triplewarned son of vikings In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL Deportes. “This will be the last time they will get those championships Phoenix NS girl. I’m glad to be my partner Laredo Kid. He is someone with a lot of experience in the company. I learned a lot from him and connecting with him as a couple is the thing that will lead us to be champions.”

Dorian RoldanAnd General Manager of Lucha Libre Triple AHe called this fight five stars because of the quality of the heroes, in fact he said no other company in the world would like to put it on their bulletin board. in these words, son of vikings State how the expectations set by the company leader can be met.

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“It will come true because girl NS Phoenix They wouldn’t want to lose championships. the Bull And the sudden fighter will want tournaments, but the drawback is that they do not know each other. son of vikings NS Laredo Kid We are hungry and doing very well, but we will all leave a grain of sand to make it 5 stars. We’ll get everything out. In flights and penalties, we will do surprising things as a team to win and that is what sets us apart TriplemaniaWe will leave everything above the ring,” said the 24-year-old wrestler.

be in Triplemania It’s a privilege for members star caravan, NS Viking Realize that not everyone can be in the great event. “You have to work as hard as you can in the year, get your best moves, and work constantly because not everyone can, I don’t want to say they’re not that good, but you have to get 1000 to be in this bigger party like that. TriplemaniaThe former world champion of two-thirds said.