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The United States is boycotting the Beijing Olympics. China talks about “political attitudes and manipulation” | world News

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Beijing will host the 2022 Winter Olympics, which are scheduled to begin on February 4. Because of China’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims in northwest Xinjiang, the Hong Kong protests (2019-2020), and policies toward Tibet and Taiwan, the US government will not send an official delegation to the sporting event.

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The United States is boycotting the Olympic Games. “We will not contribute to the fanfare of the games”

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki on Monday confirmed the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics, justifying the decision with the “ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity in China.” Jen Psaki said that “administration officials did not see fit” to send a delegation of US officials to the Games.

“American athletes will participate in the Games and will have the full support of the US government,” she told reporters. “But we will not contribute to the uproar of the Games,” she added.

“This boycott is a necessary step to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to human rights in the face of the Chinese government’s brutal abuses,” New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez told the New York Times, adding that he hoped other countries would join the United States. .

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China comments on the US decision. They promise to take “decisive steps”

It has already been speculated that the US government may decide to boycott the Olympics. Chinese authorities said at the time that such a move would be a “clean game”.

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“The Winter Olympics are not the scene of political positions and manipulation,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said after Jin Saki announced the decision, adding that “if the United States does what it wants, China will take decisive steps.”

This matter was commented on, among other things, by Chinese reporter Yuen Zhan. “The Beijing Winter Olympics are about athletes, not individual politicians. And politicians who shout ‘boycott’ give a parade of it for their own political gain. Whether or not they come, no one will care and it will have no effect. For the Winter Olympics in Beijing,” he wrote on Twitter.

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