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Nikola Grbic is the most likely candidate for the position of coach of the Polish national team. Gino Serichi does not hide his annoyance

According to Italian media, Nikola Grbic will soon be announced as the new manager of the Polish national team. The Serb is currently employed by Sir Safety Conad, Perugia, Italy. The club president does not hide his indignation at the confusion surrounding the coach.

Jacek Pavowski

Nicholas Grbich

WP SportoweFakty / Anna Klebachko / Pictured: Nikola Grbic

Until November 20, PZPS was collecting applications for competitions for national team coaches. On December 3, it was announced that four coaches would move to the next stage. In the case of male representation, little is known. Two of the six applications were rejected. Other coaches will participate in the talks. However, they did not agree to disclose the names.

According to Italian media, a decision has already been made on the choice of the director of the Polish men’s team. Vital Heinen’s successor is Nikola Gerbic, who a few months ago led Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle to the Champions League gold. The PZPS chief ensures, however, that crucial talks have yet to take place.

– I suppose that in a few weeks it will be possible to speak to everyone and to inform the Council of the candidates from whom the chosen ones will be chosen by vote. Now we will question the last four. We want to know what their idea of ​​our representations is. Later, when the preferred working groups for the selection of coaches are known, we would like them to introduce themselves to the entire Federation Board of Directors – said Sebastian Schwedersky in an interview with our portal.

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Gino Cerce became more and more annoyed by the media turmoil surrounding the Serbian coach. Chief Sir Safetye Konad Perugia is a strong opponent of the current coach joining the team and club. It is influenced, among other things, by experiences from the past months, when the team was led by Vital Heinen. In the end, the Belgian was sent off before the end of the season due to unsatisfactory results.

We want Grbi to focus on our team. I don’t know if he reached an agreement with the Polish Federation. All I know is that I want a coach focused on Perugia. I don’t think he’s having any talks, our contract doesn’t stipulate that. Many people call me from Poland to find out something, but I don’t even answer: I’m bored. Last year, Vital Heinen was very busy with his obligations to Poland. We don’t like him,” the Italian team boss said in an interview with Corriere dell’Umbria.

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